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WBB #28 From rugby to yoga addiction

In my first ever episode in english i have a talk with Pablo Ontiveros about his story and passion of yoga. He gave me great insights how yoga is more then a fancy trend sport and how it change his very personal journey.

Ich hoffe meine bisher ausschließliche deutschsprachige Zuhörerschaft lässt sich von meinem ersten Reisepodcast in englisch nicht abschrecken. Pablo hat eine lohnenswerte Reisegeschichte zu erzählen und ich freue mich über und hoffe auf euer Feedback 🙂

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Pablo is originally from spain and we both meet during our work in a yoga studio in casablanca morroco. For me it was very inspirational to see him teach and just get to know him better during my stay here.

In our podcast talk he tells me about his personal story and how his psychology studies makes him wanna try meditation and how he then found out about yoga as a way to improve his meditation.

He went to his first yoga class using an back ingury from playing rugby as an excuse and to not tell anyone about his interest in meditation. The yoga teacher welcomed him with a warm long hug wich was a deeply emotional experience and probably the start of how yoga changed a lot in his life.

He later become a yoga teacher in india not even with the idea in mind to realy teach but to learn more about the practise of yoga. Once more thing in life sometimes can change realy fast without yourself beeing able to control what brought pablo to now focus full time as a yoga teacher and doing his own yoga retreats all over the world.

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